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Basic Maintenance Care

The To Do List 

***Please Note:  If your engine, wheels, or underneath is making noise.....  You NEED to listen your vehicle.  Please, do not turn up the radio and ignore it.  Just like your body is hurting or doesn't feel good for more then 3-5 days, you call your doctor to check you out.  So, Please listen to your vehicle, Take it to his/her Mechanical Doctor when it's making noise(s), because, it is telling you, TLC is needed to get You from point A to Point B.  As always, getting him/her in to be checked very soon, rather then later when you are stuck off the side of the road instead.

Weekly In Winter
November - April

If we are having a normal winter, with lots of snow or ice, you will need to Wash your car/truck exterior and underneath too .

How often do you do this?  At least once per week.  Especially, if we have had a major storm.  If not, then make sure it stays clean on the   exterior. 

What Do I Do For The Ice Chunks Behind My Wheels?  !.  Don't Kick Them Off!  

  • Why?  It takes the paint and E-Coating Off.  What Happens After that?  Well Long Story Short..... Your sheet metal RUSTS, & Corrodes, From The Salt/Water,Air.   Especially, if you did not oil the body seams, under wheel well lips or door sill plates in the fall/autumn before the snow/salt was being applied to the streets.  What
    Can You Do Instead of Kicking Them?  Go To The Do It Yourself Car Wash With The Wand Sprayer, and Rinse Your Vehicle Off Top To Bottom And Sides, Front/Behind Your Tires At The Bottom  Fenders and Rear Quarter Panels.  Go To Your Local Coin operated car wash w/the self power wash wand is your best bet.  Long as you don't hammer it hard with the power sprayer.  Why?    First, it is clean/fresh water in most cases to clean the salt and dirt/oil off your vehicle.  Second, you don't use the scrub brush attachment.  So, you don't get scratches in Your beautiful paint finish.   Also,  You get most of the salt off by thoroughly rinsing and washing your vehicle from the top to bottom and don't forget to spray the under carriage/underneath of vehicle.  (Ladies, This Is Not A Do It In A Skirt Job.  A Pair of Warm Sweats W/Cuddle Duds, And Winter Boots Jobs). 

Generate excitement

Are You Tired Of Waiting 30-60 Minutes To Receive Your Estimate At The Auto Body Shop?

Come See Seppala's.  We Will Only Take A Few Minutes Of Your Time To Get Your Information, And Look At Your Vehicle.  You Will Then Receive Your Estimate In One Hour-To Two Business Days, Depending On How Many Customers Are Ahead Of You.  We Can Then Email Your Estimate To You, And Your Insurance Company. EASY-PEASY!

Close the deal

Why Do Business With Seppala's Body Shop & Restoration?

We are a 40 Plus Year Established Business, Who Knows Who Signs Their  Pay Checks.  You Our Customers.  

  • Seppala's Believes In Assuring Their Customer And Their Vehicles Are Brought Back To Pre-Accident Condition With Labor & Part Warranties From Us And The Manufacturers of Those Parts Used.   The Insurance Company Does Not Warranty The Parts And Labor, Unless The Insurance Company Owns The Auto Body Repair Shop.  This is Per State Of Michigan Bureau Of Automotive Repair Laws.   
  • Why?  Because, You The Customer  Is The First Party Payer, The Insurance Company Is The Third Party Payer According To State of Michigan.