Insurance.... Terms And What You Need To Know

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  Insurance....  Terms And What You Need To Know

  1. A Important Process is going to happen when you are in a accident, and communication is vital, from reporting it to the police and your insurance company, to knowing if you have full coverage insurance, or  Personal Liability/Property Damage (PL/PD).  This is important, if you have a newer vehicle, or if you need your car/truck everyday to get to work, to school,  or get the kids to their games, music lessons, or play dates and back again.   So, don't forget the rental car insurance and comprehensive insurance.  These insurances are pennies on the dollar, but they pay for themselves most  times, with the first accident or collision with a deer or ice you  hit. or for a stone chip in your windshield or door glass due to vandlism.  So it is a must have.  (Rental cars, some start as low as $30.00 per day, for a smaller car, and go up from there.  So you  may use this for reference to how much per day to allow for rental car and comprehensive insurances.

    Calling your agent will help you get a damage claim started or by calling  the insurances 1-800 claims office.  The best thing to remember is that most policies require that your vehicle be brought back to "Pre-Accident Condition", and you 
    need to understand what your policies loss terms cover.

    The insurance companies agents may suggest a auto body repair shop from their list of providers, (Direct Repair Provider (DRP), as a matter of course.  Unless you have Auto Owners.  Auto Owners Insurance does Not do this, they are one of the very few who follow the federal laws and best company to do business with from your and our
    stand  point for repairs.

    You alone, can make the decision of not to go their Direct Repair Provider list, but consider this.....   As a American, You  have the right to request to use Seppala's Body Shop & Restoration or any other body shop of your choice.  Id Does'nt Have to Be On Their List.  Which they need to be reminded of  know most times.  They should respect that is Your Choice, You are able to make according to Michigan Chapter Law and Federal Laws.  Also, if you need or would like customer referrals we will be happy to do so.

    We, Seppala's, do guarantee our labor/workmanship and our parts , just like their shops do, and we have been doing so since 1978.  No insurance company can not, does not guarantee any repair unless they own the licensed auto body repair shop.  

    About Your Estimate....  Sometimes they are hard to understand and exactly what is meant in definition of some normal crash terms, parts, and repairs.  That is completely understandable , and normal unless you work with it everyday.  That is why Seppala's Body Shop & Restoration has this page for our customers, and for future customers to make it a bit easier for them.

    Parts Is Parts.....  Right?  No, Not Exactly  There are three kinds of parts:

    Crash Parts
    (OEM) Original Equipment Manufacturer or Genuine Crash Parts are from or by the manufacturer of car or truck.  They meet or exceed the insurance companies and federal government safety standards for crash standards and carry the original OEM warranties and quality that is on your vehicle when new.

    New Aftermarket Parts (AM), CAPA Certified/Non Certified ..... These are parts that are certified under a different set of specs when compared to OEM parts.  They do not carry the same quality, fit and finish of OEM, (they are close, but not the genuine article with OEM pantents) and are not warrantied under OEM parts manufacturers garnentees.  They are usually cheaper then the OEM parts for your vehicle, and may affect your vehicle warranty  if it is less then five years old.  Some of these parts do have issues with fit and finish when using for repairs.  This is why Seppala's does not always recommend using aftermarket parts, but there is a time and place to use them, such as on older vehicles when OEM is not available anymoree.  Or if you are not claiming the repair on your insurance policy and want to save money in those repairs on a older vehicle.  Also, "Some" aftermarket parts do carry a life time warranty.   

    Used/Salvaged/Like, Kind, Quality Parts (LKQ)....  These are crash parts from a previously crashed vehicle which may or may not be totaled, which will be or was purchased at a auction in person or online sale in state or out of state which the junkyard is operating from.  Seppala's only deals with reputable junkyards for quality used parts , and must meet or exceed insurance company quality standards to be used in repairs if it is a older vehicle or if new OEM parts are not available for the year and make.  There are times when this is necessary.  Just as there is a time and place for new and aftermarket parts.  Please Note:  Most used parts can be found if your vehicle is less then 10 years old.  Unless, the yard is a yard that specializes in classic or antique parts.  The we are talking about a whole new subject in condition, and prices.    

    Intergrated Electronic, Electrical, And Mechicanical Parts......  Many of these parts are available aftermarket.  What kind of parts are these?  Such as brake, suspension, struts, shocks, wheel bearings, steering knuckles, etc.  Other parts such as seat belts, air bags, with their complex and related parts to reset pressures, to turning them off and on, specialized wiring harness that interconnects to other safety parts in your vehicle are another matter entirely.  They should always be OEM Parts.  Please Note:  Sometimes these expensive parts may total your older vehicle.  (So you may want to consider using a value type of insurance coverage for your older vehicle if it is in real nice shape, and you need to replace it due to a total collision).

    What Is Important?.....  Your satisfaction in the parts and the labor repairs of  your vehicle.  If you want to use certain parts  used in your repairs, is important for Seppala's to know this and for your insurance company too. While working with your insurance agent during the setup of your auto/truck policy is important to mention this to him/her to be involved these matters of claiming a accident/loss, so you receive the parts you want your vehicle repaired with, and if you should need someone to be the go between you and the claims adjustor.  Your agent can be a real asset when it comes down to settling your claim right.

    To be continued....... 

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